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Why Dive In Dwarka?

We at Dwarka offer the easiest access to diving in India. The visibility is usually averages 3 to 4 meters, The dive site has coral reefs, rocks,underwater Faunaand a  rich variety of marine life. The Shallow and calm beach at Swarnim Gujarat, Shivrajpur is the best location for the beginners to get introduced to and learn Scuba diving. Our trainers , msotly localites are very friendly, caring and patient like most of the people of Gujarat.

Why Dive With Us?

We are a sister concern to our parent Company "Dwarka Tourism" and have explored the locations in and around Dwarka and we can assure you there is a lot more hidden beauty under the waters that you will be stunned to explore once you allow us to guide and make you explore the same. Also we are the first Registered Dive Center in Gujarat and know the importance of "Safe Practices" in Scuba Diving.



25 to 30 degrees Celcius



5 to 10 meters



3 to 5 meters



October To April

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