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Try Scuba Dive (10+ Years) 

2499/. INR

This recreational diving course aims at getting you acquainted with the art of breathing and swimming underwater with the help of our divers! And when you are ready the divers will take you to explore the whole new world Underwater. The Duration is 20-25 mins under water where you will have the most amazing experience of your life for the firt time.

Try for Yourself !!!


Discover Scuba Dive (10+ Years)

This is one of the most loved Scuba courses that we have! You begin by getting trained by our experts then take the plunge  into deep sea- under the expert supervision and watchful eyes of our instructors. In this 40-minute dive, you will go 25-40 feet under water to witness magnificent marine life and underwater marvels. And our divers trained in photography with underwater cameras ensure that you will be able to capture and save your memories- as close to reality as possible.



more courses on way.

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